In honor of Mom

Mother's Day may have been yesterday, but every day should really be dedicated to celebrate Mom.

This picture is a little old (from New Year's Eve 2008...when Jasmine (the pug) was still alive), but I didn't really find any recent pictures of just my mom and me! This one includes my sister, Melissa, (left) too. I'll have to remedy that picture thing this year though.

So in the spirit of Mother's Day, here are some great things about my mom (in no particular order):
- She (and my dad) supported me throughout college, which allowed me to graduate debt-free
- She went on college visits with me in Indiana even after she fell on the stairs in our garage and hurt her ankle (she then drove our STICK-SHIFT car with an injured ankle...hard to do!)
- She bought us our two pugs and turned our family into a pug-crazy bunch
- She went apartment hunting with me all day and on several days and helped me find my first place (which I'll move into next month!)
- She went to my horse shows (in college and some schooling shows) and riding lessons even though she's allergic to the hay and dust and her allergies drove her crazy
- My freshman year of college, she once drove me back to school from a break during a snow storm (4+ hours) and then drove all the way home by herself, noting that she passed several cars in the ditch on the way back
- I'm pretty sure I got my administrative gifts from my mom
- She expanded and directed the Vacation Bible School program at our church for 10 years (we helped, but we were little and she did most of the work)
- She went back to school while working and got her master's degree in Special Education and is now a Special Ed teacher!
- She is very involved at church (another trait I seem to have followed)
- She's always a phone call away whenever I need to talk to her
- Occasionally she'd bring me home a Starbucks drink or she'll order out Thai food just because she knows I like it (gifts is one of my love languages too :))
- She does a lot for our family and sacrifices a lot of her own time and needs for all of us
- She prays for her children and only desires God's best for us

There's a lot more I could say about my mom, but I really do appreciate having her in my life. I hope that I can be the same kind of mother to my own children some day. I love you, Mom, and I appreciate all you do!

Who are some wonderful women and mothers in your life? What makes them special?


Jacklyn said...

She sounds wonderful! I love moms. Now that I'm older I am realizing what an impact a strong woman like that has on their children. I am so thankful for my mama! Great post!

Christy said...

Thanks, Jacklyn! Moms are the best. :)

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