Spa Day

Lexie here. I'm doing a guest post for Christy (one of my moms) today because we did something really fun and I wanted to share it all with you from MY point of view.

Mom's apartment complex was having a Doggy Day Spa, so even though I don't live with her, she invited me to come for some special spa treatment. I'd never been to a spa before so I didn't know what to expect. But when we walked up, guess what I saw? ANOTHER PUG! I met a 9-year-old pug named Puglsey. I'm just 9 months old, so it was fun to see that he still had energy to keep up with me.

After playing with Pugsley for a little while and hearing all the humans "oohing"  and "ahhing" over us, I got a bath. They made me get in this big tub full of water and bubbles. Then they sprayed me with this hose thing. The water was kind of cold at first, but after they shampooed me, they gave me warmer water which was much better.

They tried to put Puglsey in the tub too, but he jumped right out! I guess he doesn't like baths that much. Or maybe he was already clean. 

After my bath, they dried me off with a towel. I liked this part. It felt like a nice massage too. 

Then they brushed my fur and put some perfume on me so I smell like coconut. I don't know what a coconut is, but I think they thought I smelled good. They also gave me this red bandana so now I look like a cowboy--or...cowgirl. I was still kind of wet, but I didn't care because...

...lots of other dogs that were not pugs started showing up! I wanted to play with ALL of them. Stella, the cavalier king spaniel, came over and I shared my secrets on how to get the most treats by being cute. Hopefully she takes some of my advice.

Yep, the treats were the best part of this spa day. We went back to my mom's apartment and they blow dried me so I'd dry faster. But I really wanted this big milkbone. Yummy! I also ate lots more treats at the spa. I'd say it was a good day. No wonder humans love going to spas!


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